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No war on Iran
A brief look at Toronto's anti-war rally
The first rally in Toronto against the looming Iran War saw hundreds unite to say -Drop Harper, not bombs-more
Occupy! Women during the 1937 Flint sit-down strike
They changed history, and themselves
The relevance of the history of the Flint strike to today couldn't be clearer. In a time of global economic crisis and Austerity, the example of real solidarity breaking down the barriers between men and women, black and white, immigrant and non-immigrant workers shows the way forward.more
Bad news for pipelines
movement grows against the pipelines
From Prince Rubert to Haida Gwaii, opposition is growing to the catastrophic tar sands pipelinesmore
Mass opposition challenges Tory spying bill
stop tory spying
On February 14, Conservative public safety minister Vic Toews introduced Bill C-30 to Parliament—unofficially titled the “Protecting Children from Internet...more
Library Workers vote to Strike!
Library workers defend jobs and services
On the heels of a 91 per cent strike mandate, CUPE 4948 filed for a 'no board' Report with the Ministry of Labour that, if approved, will set a strike deadline of March 17.more
The battle for the TTC
movement revives public transit debate
A year of organizing against Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has revived the debate around public transit. But this is much more than a fight between subways and light rail. Also at stake is the future of the city and its transit system, as well as democracy in Toronto.more
Hospital workers wildcat in Edmonton
an old tradition returns
An old tradition in the workers' movement came back to life in February in Edmonton: the wildcat strike. February 16 at 7 a.m., hundreds of angry service workers walked off the job at the Royal Alexandra Hospital. They were soon joined by workers at the University of Alberta Hospital and the Northeast Community Health Centre.more
BC Teachers defend education
BC teachers defend education
As we go to press, BC teachers were considering strike action and high school students were planning walk outs in opposition to the government's attack on education standards and union rights.more
Robocalls: their democracy and ours
Robogate is the tip of the iceberg
Election corruption reveals the bankruptcy of capitalist democracy, in the midst of capitalist bankruptcy.more
Stop the Cons!
Their crisis, our resistance
As the economic and ecologic crises deepen, the Cons are joining other governments in transferring billions to the 1%, their racist wars and the oil economy that fuels them.more


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